Invest with Cassiny

First step to Public Listing – Expression of interest only.

Cassiny Homes & Cassiny Limited is pleased to extend an exclusive offer to wholesale investors, providing discount at the time of conversion, with presales reaching $22m.

Our goal is to achieve a 35% increase in presales this year. In light of this, we cordially invite qualified wholesale investors who can bring additional value to our company management at Cassiny Homes Limited. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to share in the company’s growth and potentially participate in a future private or public listing, thereby enhancing the value of your investment. To ensure the security of our investors, Cassiny Homes Limited will grant a security interest over the company to the prime investors ( $100,000 or more). All investments will be held in our lawyer trust account until the security is provided.

Investment Overview

  • Residential rent return 8.15% pa.

  • 30 month investment period.

  • 221 new town houses & apartments in prime locations.

  • 100% existing government tenants.

  • Minimum investment $100,000.

  • Secure by first mortgage or GSA.

We are particularly interested in investors who possess the necessary skills and expertise to effectively contribute to the management of the company. If you are interested in seizing this unique opportunity, we kindly request that you register your interest.

Email us at including your full name, contact details, amount of potential investment, and what skills you can contribute.